Música is a free software project written in C++/Qt. It is a database application for audio files to manage meta data and play music. The current development status can be described as "working with some features missing" (and probably many bugs). It proved to run stably and reliably in daily use since mid 2011.

Música is released as open source under the GPLv3. You can get the code from sourceforge


  • Support of many audio formats (built on TagLib)
  • Currently the audio files are kept unchanged, all information is stored in an internal database
  • Portable: Multi-platform (Qt supports Linux, Windows and Mac)
  • Support of an arbitrary number of custom comments and rating tags.
  • Simple export of search results to media players.
  • Front end to mplayer
  • 2 independent audio outputs (one for the playlist, one for pre-listening). Useful for DJs.
  • Many features for quick searches in huge collections:
    • Permanent filters allow creating subsets of the collection. By working in a subset we can speed up searches in huge collections, since only the current subset is considered. For example a subset could be defined by a filter "genre:tango", which would be applied once at startup, containing, say, only 5000 of a total of 50000 tracks. As a consequence working with this subset is much faster, even on a netbook there is basically no delay for searching and sorting.
    • Artist browser
    • List of custom filter strings
  • Since the target group of the software (me) uses it to play tango (and DJ at tango events) we support Tandas (see Tanda). There is a dedicated list for tandas with tags including type (tango, vals, milonga, ...), age, canto, speed, quality and comments.
  • Control-locked mode for playlist: In this mode one cannot accidentally abort the currently playing track (this is what happens repeatedly to users of some other famous media players, which is especially embarrassing when you are a DJ). Adding tracks or moving tracks within the playlist is of course still possible.

What Música is not (currently):

  • A tagging tool. Use easytag, it is great.
  • A media player. However thanks to the mplayer interface it feels almost like one.
  • Documented

Eventually I will upload some screenshots. For now just contact me if you are interested or want to learn more.